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Knights of Columbus BINGO — Open to the Public

March 20, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
South Charlotte Banquet Center
9009 Bryant Farms Road
NC 28277

Doors Open at 5:30 p.m.

Sales begin at 6 pm.

BINGO Games:

We play a total of 17 games. The “Early Bird” game starts at 7 pm with 100{25e83cb889d6cd9e8845c5ffc1843212628d75c317e2d50dd54cccb093941488} of the money collected going to the winner(s). 16 more games to follow.

BINGO Prizes:

Prizes vary based on the number of people playing and the number of cards purchased. The typical nightly game prizes are typically around:

  • Early Bird game — over $300
  • 8 Regular games — $75 per game
  • 7 Special games — $130 per game
  • Coverall game — $500.


The minimum cost is $10. That lets you play 9 of the 17 games. If a person wants to play all 17 games the minimum is $18. The average player spends around $25. Young children can pay $2 to play the 9 games minimum or $10 to play all 17 games.

How Long:

Bingo is normally done by 9:45 pm.

Charitable Component:

The profits from Bingo go to the Charities of the Knights of Columbus. We have donated primarily to St. Matthew Catholic Church in the past but have also made contributions to LAMB.